Speaks To Me Sunday #21

9 Aug


What would she do? Help her friends, use her brain, fight for what is right, stand up for the underdog, admit her weaknesses, believe in herself, have the right answer. 

Hermione Granger will always be one of my most favorite literary characters. J.K. Rowling created a girl that I could relate to – bossy, smart, book worm, loves school, a bit of a know-it-all, brave, loyal friend. You can’t help but love her. It made me feel so good to see pieces of myself in a character who was a vital part of this story. Sometimes I think that’s all girls (and probably boys) really want… To be a special and important part of a story. To know that they matter. To know that they are seen. 

Those are the kind of characters worth emulating. And never forget, you might be an important part of someone else’s story, but you are the hero of your own story. (I would totally read a series with Hermione as the hero, wouldn’t you?!)

 Harry and Ron never would have survived without Hermione. So do what they did. When you need the right answer, ask yourself “What Would Hermione Do?” 

Talk back to me. Hermione is my character of choice. Who is yours?! #SpeaksToMeSunday 


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