Speaks To Me Sunday #22

16 Aug

Patience is a virtue. A virtue that I have never had. I’ve always been anxious to complete each task, get where I’m going, and get what I want. 

Moving so fast is exhausting. It’s too easy to cut corners. You miss things when you don’t slow down. 

This has become very apparent to me lately so I am trying to change my impatient ways. 

The kicker came from the acting class I was in this week. My scene partner and I didn’t get to work until the very end. Class was supposed to be over, but they waited to watch our scene. I felt bad for making everyone stay… So I rushed. I didn’t lean into moments that could have been. I didn’t listen the way I wanted to. I didn’t take my time. My teacher could tell and brought it up at the end. He told me that it didn’t matter that class should have been over just like it wouldn’t matter if I was at an audition where they were running behind – I matter. I get to take my time. I learned so much in that moment and I’ve been thinking about it all week. 

I am so prone to hurrying that I forget to take my time. I’m trying to remember that great things take time. I want to do something great. 

Where do you need to take your time? What great things will come of it? 

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