Speaks To Me Sunday #27

1 Nov

Normally I am sad to see October go, but this year I am choosing to focus on gratitude for the month of November. That means there is no time to waste being sad! 😉 

There is so much to be thankful for! I am a healthy woman with a wonderful family. I have never had to go without. I have food in my fridge and warm water for my shower. I have a job and money in my bank account. I have a dream that I have never felt like I had to give up. 

There are so many things – big and small – to feel gratitude for. It’s too easy to take it for granted. I hope focusing on gratitude brings on a multitude of miracles for you and for me! 

What are you grateful for?! 

Let’s talk about it. Comment. Twitter and Instagram – @JoannaHackman. ❤️


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