Favorite Five Friday (129th Edition)

20 Nov

It’s Friday! And November is more than halfway through… what?! Am I the only one blown away by that? More to do before 2015 comes to an end! Here’s what I did this week…


1.  This quote has been making me laugh all week… I wrote about it in my last Speaks To Me Sunday post. I’m pretty sure it’s one of those things that’s really funny because it’s true. Mom always knows. She’s the best.


2.  Disney with some of our favorite folks! It’s always a good day at Disney. It’s an even better day when they give you free stuff because you have an annual pass!


3.  NBCUniversal’s 30th Annual Actors Showcase finally arrived! We all worked so hard for the last eight or so weeks, and it was about time we got to show our stuff. We had such a fabulous time! The cast was unbelievably talented. On top of that, the scenes were all written by a few members of the cast. All original works written for the performers. That’s pretty special. We had a fantastic turn out, and we all did our best. Fingers crossed the work starts coming our way – congratulations to all of my cast mates! So thrilled to have been a part of this experience.

11224708_10153340944939952_3600465107657223445_o 12265826_10153341515099952_5171070521370636003_o12238203_10153807465851661_8497899577411403739_o

4.  Movie date night with the besties – really enjoyed The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. It’s hard to believe that series has finally come to a close. I feel like they created some really strong film versions of a fascinating book trilogy. It just made me want to go back and read the series again. Whenever I finish all the Outlander books, of course. (I’m on book 6 for anyone keeping track 😉 Still a little obsessed.) Also, Jennifer Lawrence is awesome.

5.  My cats are vicious predators…


You best watch yourself, Mr. Fly.

Hey! Happy Friday to you! And Have a great Thanksgiving week!


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