Favorite Five FaLaLa

22 Dec

Okay, okay. I’ve been slacking on my Favorite Five Friday due to all the Christmas Cheer (and Star Wars… Same thing, right?). Weirdly, I just saw a post from last year where I had also missed the same two weeks in a row. Must be the time of year! Well, it’s time to do something fun and spread the holiday sparkles. So, I’m sharing my Favorite Five Christmas movies! (In no particular order…)


1.  The Muppet Christmas Carol. Michael Caine plus the Muppets? Yes please! This movie is how I was introduced to the Christmas Carol story. I was in the play when I was thirteen, and I was so confused that we had only cast one Marley. (We’re Marley & Marley… Whoooaaaa!) Some of my favorite Christmas songs are from The Muppet Christmas Carol. We usually kick off the season by watching this while we decorate our Christmas tree. It’s one of my favorite traditions, and I can’t wait to share it with our kids (some day). If you need to get into the holiday spirit, watch this one!


2.  Love Actually. I adore this heartfelt British film. It gives me all the warm fuzzies and makes me laugh. It’s just a little cheeky. 😉 I think the best thing about this movie is all the different storylines. There are so many different kinds of love, and it really is all around. Don’t watch this one with the kids, but check it out if you haven’t seen it. My favorite storylines are the ones with Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, and Liam Neeson. They melt my heart every time.


3.  Home Alone. Does it get any better than Kevin McCallister kicking some serious bad guy butt? I’m pretty sure it does not. This is one of my favorites from growing up, and one of my favorites to quote. Christmas isn’t complete without watching Home Alone.


4. The Holiday/While You Were Sleeping.  The quintessential Christmas Chick Flicks. These two can tie for a spot because I’m slightly embarrassed that they make my favorite list. But I can’t lie. These movies give me all the feels. Also, one has Kate Winslet and takes place in England and LA (two of my favorite places), and the other is Sandra Bullock in one of her most charming roles ever. Romance at Christmas, am I right?



5. The Santa Clause. It just might be my favorite. Watching this movie brings back so many wonderful memories. Several years ago my family (at the behest of my big brother) went to Denny’s after the Christmas Eve service at church. Just like they do in the movie – after all, it’s an American institution. This became a long-standing tradition for all of us… One Dan and I still follow. On our first Christmas without our families Dan and I turned it on while we opened gifts on Christmas morning. The sense of nostalgia it gives me made my family feel just a little closer. You can bet I’ll be watching that as we are far from home this year on Christmas. I love this movie.


There it is. My top five(ish) Christmas movies. If you haven’t seen them, get on it! If you have, I hope you’re enjoying watching them this holiday season. I know I am!

Merry Christmas!!!


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