Favorite Five Friday (131st Edition)

8 Jan

Hey y’all! I hope 2016 is off to spectacular start. I took a couple of weeks off Favorite Five Friday for the holidays, but it’s time to hop to it. Here’s what’s been going on since then…


1. Christmas! It came and went as it does every year. I always love that Christmas is never just a single day. It’s practically a month-long celebration (which is the perfect way to close out a year, if you ask me). This year we had to do things a little differently since we were going to be in Hollywood for the holidays, but we created some great memories. We continued some of our favorite traditions: Christmas Eve included a candlelight service, Denny’s (“It’s an American Institution!”), and new jammies from my mom and dad (Mine were Star Wars, Dan’s were Marvel). And while we had to head to work on Christmas, we still made the most of our morning with cinnamon rolls and a few gifts. We also got to watch out kitties go crazy for catnip. Okay, Lemon went crazy. Jack didn’t care so much. Work was fine. I’m so glad I work with people who I enjoy spending time with. It was sweet and very appreciated when people thanked us for working so that they got to come enjoy Christmas at Universal. After we clocked out, first things were first (I mean literally. We did this as soon as we got to the car). It was time to jump into Aunt Jill’s Puzzle Box Competition. This is a big deal in our family. Every year she finds crazy boxes, and we have to solve the puzzle to get our gift. We are pretty competitive. It got a little scary for a few minutes, but we all still like each other. 😉 Then we were off to celebrate with an Italian feast, singing carols at the piano, and decorating ornaments with generous friends who opened their home to us. We ended the night by watching The Santa Claus while we finished opening gifts. It really was a lovely day with lot of phone calls, texts, and love from family and friends that we couldn’t be with. It was a different sort of Christmas, but it was ours.

img_1485 img_1563-1 img_1503-2 img_1519-1 img_1520-1 img_1523-1 img_1555-1 img_1550-2

2.  God With Us. I already wrote a whole post about this, but this thought struck me so particularly this Christmas. Ultimately, it didn’t matter that I couldn’t do everything the way I wanted… It wasn’t about me. It was about the birth of my savior who came to earth for us. To be with us. It truly doesn’t matter where I am, He will meet me there. Christmas really is about the good news. God is with us.

3. We had super fun New Year’s Eve. We started off grabbing dinner in Burbank with the besties, and then we were off to L.A. Zoo Lights. They totally deck out the Zoo with gorgeous lights. Dan and I had never been, but we definitely want to go back. We had a really good time wandering around with our mittens and assortment of warm drinks. After the zoo, we went home to get fancy for a dressed up count down with a bunch of our friends. The hosts planned a great party, and we had a champagne toast and lots of confetti to ring in 2016.

img_1609 img_1623 img_1675 img_1673

4. New Year, new start! I feel like 2016 may be the most exciting year yet, and I am fully planning on leaning into it. My theme, my focus for this year is JOY. To choose joy no matter the circumstances. There is just too much to be grateful for to spend a day without joy. What’s your theme?!

5. It has to be said. I just spent three and a half months immersed in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. There are eight books so far, and, averaging them out, each book is about 1,200 pages. I adore these characters, I’m fascinated by their lives. To top it off, it’s a book that includes historical fiction, fantasy, and time travel… sign me up. This series has made itself a home on my list of favorites. Now, it’s time to watch the show and hope it lives up to my very snobbish and high expectations. 😉

Happy Friday and Happy New Year!



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