Speaks To Me Sunday #35

17 Jan


I am stubborn. When I know what I want, I am determined to get it. 

Over the last couple years, I’ve let that side of me slip away ever so slightly… It’s like I heard that being determined, ambitious, or even fiercely stubborn about reaching my goals was a bad thing. Too much. Not ladylike? Not pretty? Or maybe I just got scared that I could fail. I’ve got some pretty big dreams, afterall. For whatever reason, I took my foot off the gas. 

Well, I’m over it. 

I am ready to force myself to the limits to reach my dreams. I’m going to shout it from the mountain tops. And I hope everyone hears me. Challenges me. Pushes me forward. 

So, I say to you… So, I say to the small, terrified girl who sometimes controls my brain…

Go ahead, underestimate me. 

It’s time to give it all I’ve got. 

How about you? Are you ready to succeed? It’s time to show up everyone who has ever underestimated you. Including yourself. 

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2 Responses to “Speaks To Me Sunday #35”

  1. Aubrey Taylor January 17, 2016 at 10:49 am #

    You go, girl! I LOVE YOU!
    I had a similar epiphany recently. It was that we can really achieve what we set our minds to, but not without sacrifice. If we put something at the top of our priority list, something else is gonna have to give a little. To achieve what we wish, we have to be willing to put it at the top of our list. It can be difficult, but you’re so right, we just have to talk down our personal belittling “gremlins” in our minds, and use our own beautiful will-power to be our own awesome. You are one of the most driven people I’ve ever met, and your vision for life is BEAUTIFUL. I’m so rooting for you, Jo! Keep shining your beautiful gifts, and you’ll brighten the world!! ❤️❤️

    • Joanna Hackman January 17, 2016 at 11:02 am #

      Aubs. You are my favorite. I love the way your mind works. I whole heartedly agree with all f the above. Yes, I definitely need to really get my priorities in order. I’ve been thinking about that a ton lately. Time management, self-discipline, etc. That will help me reach my goals in the long term. We have to live for what’s important and give that our focused attention. It takes effort to make our dreams come true. We can do it! Love you so!! 😘😘

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