Speaks To Me Sunday #38

7 Feb


Not just the noticeably good things, the stand-out moments. Everything. 

My awesome coach, Alison Robertson, sent this to me when I was feeling a little down. It gave me a new perspective, and it’s kind of become like a little game. Whenever I feel like something isn’t going the way I wanted it to, instead of spiraling downward, I stop and spin it. I remember that it’s rigged in my favor. Maybe the way I wanted it to go wasn’t the best possible outcome. 

God does this all the time… the thing I thought I desperately needed wasn’t actually His best for me. He always has something better. There is so much more out there if we dream a little bigger. And this life is so much more fulfilling if we can adjust our attitudes and find the good. 

Alright, I’m ready to face this day and find all the little moments that are rigged in my favor. 

How about you?! 

Reach out. Comment below. Find me in Instagram and Twitter: @JoannaHackman

You can also find my awesome coach, Alison, on Twitter too! @AlisonRobertson 


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