Speaks To Me Sunday #40

21 Feb

I’ve been reflecting lately on the amazing women in my life. Not only do I have great role models and support in the form of family, but I have fantastic girlfriends who have become like family.

From growing up in Salt Lake City, to college days in Nashville, to pursuing my dreams in Los Angeles… I have found incredible friends who have changed my life for the better. Girls who teach me how great it is to have a chum by your side. Girls who see my flaws and love me anyway. Girls who go on crazy adventures with me. Girls who build me up when I feel low. Girls who listen and make me feel loved. Girls who make me laugh until I cry. Girls who support me and anything I try to do. Girls who are a part of the girl I am today.

 I have an AWESOME Girl Gang. I wouldn’t give them up for anything. Y’all know who you are and how special you are to me. I feel so lucky. My goal is to be as good a friend to them as they are to me. 

Women of the world, I’m calling you out! Let’s build each other up! Let’s love on our friends, and be awesome to all the ladies we meet. By being the kind of friend you’d want, you just never know who you might end up in your Girl Gang. 😊 

Let’s talk about it! What qualities are you looking for in your friends?! (Read: what qualities do you want to exhibit?) Who do you want in your Girl Gang?

Comment below or find me on Twitter and Instagram: @JoannaHackman



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