Speaks To Me Sunday #41

28 Feb

It’s Oscar Night! 

This time of year gives me a lot of feelings… Mostly it inspires me and drives me to do more, create more, be my best self. 

But it would be super easy to let it weigh me down. Look at all these people making it! I’m not good enough, I’ll never make it, I can’t… Feeling defeated would be easy when you’re seeing the success of so many. But we all know that the easiest option isn’t usually the best one. 😉 

I am choosing to feel the inspiration. I love watching these fantastic films, I love seeing talented actors recognized for their work. I am letting all the good feelings wash over me. Inspiration, empowerment, belief, joy. I will use their success to push me forward. 

I will watch the Oscars tonight, and see that dreams really do come true. 

Will you choose to celebrate the success of others? What inspires you? 

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