Speaks To Me Sunday #42

6 Mar


I was eleven years old when Harry Potter entered my life. I always thought it was kind of special that we were the same age when we started our journey together. Not only that, we grew up together. As I got older, so did Harry. I was eighteen when the final book came out, and I cried reading the last part of J.K. Rowling’s dedication page: “And to you, if you have stuck with Harry until the very end.” That’s me. Always.

This story… The books, the movies, the characters, the adventures will always be my favorite. If I drew like a kindergarten version of my heart with all my favorite things getting their own weirdly shaped section, Harry Potter would get a pretty big oblongish piece right near the middle. Totally unashamed to say it. And neither are most “Potterphiles.” I love that this has become such a phenomenon and that so many have found magic in more than just the spells in these stories. This is a series with staying power and a fandom with passion. 

I have seen and experienced this first hand as Universal Studios Hollywood prepares to officially open the gates at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The soundtrack to the films underscores each marvelous moment – the tears running down the cheeks of diehards like me as they stare up at Hogwarts, the creamy white Butterbeer mustaches on faces around every corner, the joyful laughter of a young witch or wizard as they complete spells with their new wands… Not to be cliche, but what a magical time it is to work for Universal. I feel so lucky to see so many lifelong dreams come true, and even luckier that one of those dreams is mine. 

Any other Harry Potter fans out there?! Maybe you have another series you’re obsessed with… I want in! Tell me all about it. 

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