Speaks To Me Sunday #43

13 Mar

Anyone else? 

This quote reminds me of a hilarious interview with Emma Stone that I saw a while back. She was talking about how, at any point, she could jump out of her chair and run around like a crazy person. That any of us are capable of that. We just choose not to. 

We just choose not to! 

Isn’t that weird to think about? Daily, we have a choice about what kind of person we will be, what we will do. Today I could strut into the mall and start singing showtunes at the top of my lungs. I could order a bunch of food at a restaurant and proceed to throw dishes at the walls. I could wander into the grocery store and do cartwheels up and down the aisles. But I won’t. 

It’s amazing that we have all these feelings, emotions, and possibilities inside each of us. Some good, some bad, some just a little silly… We are in charge of which pieces we let out. 

Sometimes I want to destroy everything, but I’m a good girl. So I don’t. But sometimes it’s empowering to know that I have all this possibility inside me, and I get to decide how I use it. 

I want to use that power, but not to destroy. To build, to create, to help, to love, to leap fearlessly into the life I want.

How do you want to use your power?

Let’s hear it! Comment or find me on Twitter or Instagram: @JoannaHackman.



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