Favorite Five Friday (142nd Edition)

8 Apr

This has been an epic week for me. Truly so many amazing things have happened. Unfortunately, I am unable to share all of them, but I’ll tell you what I can!


1.  I booked a job! I got to spend some time on the set of a well known television show this week… I can’t tell you which one… Yet. Guys, I had an amazing time. This was also my first job! My first role on TV. I am completely ecstatic about it! I loved being on set, and I really learned a lot from my experience. I am so ready for more.  I’ll keep you posted on when and where you can see me!

  2. I am back in acting class! I had a great experience bringing Casting Director, Matthew Barry, to Universal to do a workshop with the guides. This guy knows his stuff. From there I found out he teaches a class, and I knew I had to give it a shot. It was almost strange being back in a class setting, but I really enjoyed it. And it’s certainly a great thing to add to my resume. My plan is to dig in, work hard, and become a better actor.
3. This week included some favorite things like… Time with friends (& being ridiculous on SnapChat: @JoannaNichole26), manicures, and kitties! Here are pictures of those things:

 4. Family vacation! Dan and I are heading to Orlando this September for Universal Studios Orlando and Disney World! (Because apparently we don’t get enough of those here at home. 😉 haha!) We are super stoked to head some place new, have some adventures, and relax a little too. (Sidenote: watching Dan plan for vacations is one of my favorite things. He is so detailed and gets really excited about all the things we will be doing. It’s adorable.) Look out, Orlando! #OhThoseHackmans are coming for you!

5. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood is officially open! I spent the majority of this week working all of the opening events. I stood in wonder as I watched the incomparable John Williams conduct the L.A. Philharmonic in gorgeous renditions of his masterful compositions for the Harry Potter films and saw the castle brought to life with intricate projections and stunning fireworks (Yes, I cried a little). I had the privilege to work with the talent and witness as they graciously met fans and enthusiastically shared their experiences. (These amazing actors showed me exactly who I’d like to be should I ever find myself stepping into success like theirs.) I was covered in goosebumps and confetti as the Wizarding World Hollywood was officially declared to be open! And I still have a grin on my face. I feel so truly blessed to have been a small part of something so huge, so impactful. It means more than I can say, and I will treasure these memories for the rest of my life. So, welcome to Hollywood, Harry! And to those of you ready to come visit… “Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.” (Gosh, J.K. Rowling is the best.) It’s pretty safe to say, mischief managed.


 Happiest of Friday’s!!!


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