Favorite Five Friday (143rd Edition)

15 Apr

Heya Friday. Still trying to get back to normal after a crazy, wonderful time last week. Normal feels pretty good too…


1.  Slowing down and resting was essential this week. I had to go back to giving myself permission to relax. I’m so thankful for the couple days off I had with Dan so we could recuperate. I’m still feeling a little bit like I just got back from a trip (you know that tired feeling?). I would love some new ideas to relax! Some “me time.” Any suggestions?

2.  Happy to have worked another Tour Guide Open Call open call this week! More fabulous folks becoming part of the Tramily. I love feeling their energy and enthusiasm… It’s the perfect reminder of how lucky I am to have this job.  

3.  Being back in acting class is wonderfully uncomfortable. It’s certainly the kick in the butt I needed. As an actor, it’s important to keep working those muscles. Right now, it’s been a little while since I’ve been in a class… I’ll be honest, my muscles are feeling a little weak. Working them out right now is a bit uncomfortable,  but I know it’s making me stronger.

4.  Cats. They are insane, trouble-making monsters. But, man… They are adorable. Can’t help but love them. 


Yes, she is hugging my head.

 5.  As of last night, I am caught up on the most recent episode of Dr. Who. I guess that makes me an official Whovian. Pretty safe to say that the show lives up to the hype for me. I already miss it. It took me a while, but now I know! I’m Joanna, and I love Dr. Who. 

Happy Friday, guys!


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