Speaks To Me Sunday #47

17 Apr



This has been on my mind a lot lately… I’m coming up on my ten year high school reunion, five years since I graduated from college. Lots of milestones. And lots of faces and friends passing through my mind. 

People grow apart, change, move on… Sometimes it’s so sudden it breaks you heart. Sometimes it happens so gradually that you don’t even notice until it’s already over. It’s life. So common that it might not even seem significant enough to have a conversation about. But it’s so human and we all go through it… So, let’s talk about it. 

How does remembering those past friendships make you feel? Some of mine make me feel sad, some guilty, some confused, some bittersweet. But in every single instance, I wish that friend the very best. I love seeing them pop up on my social media feed, I enjoy hearing about their lives. I would want them to know that even though we may not be close anymore, I still care. 

What about you? Any long lost friendships you have the feels about? What would you want them to know? 

You know what would be really cool? Being brave enough to tell them. 

  1. #SpeaksToMeSunday

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