Speaks To Me Sunday #48

24 Apr

This is my ultimate dream.

The biggest reason I am an actor is my desire to inspire people through storytelling. 
I have huge dreams and some fantastic role models in my life to inspire me… Thanks to them I have not given up. One of my big dreams has been to get a role on a TV show, and that dream came true this month. (What?!?) 

 I am going to be on TV this week! 

This week!

 I can’t believe it’s real. And, y’all, it’s only the start. I am feeling so much motivation to keep moving forward. I feel bold and brave and completely ecstatic. It’s the best feeling. I want to keep it forever. Motivation and inspiration. 

Guys. Never give up on your dreams. You can do it! And remember, you never know who you might be inspiring. 

What is your ultimate dream?

Comment, find me on Twitter or Instagram: @JoannaHackman.



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