Favorite Five Friday (144th Edition)

29 Apr

It’s Friday and I’m back! It’s been a really wonderful and exciting week…


1.  Day Dates are a wonderful thing. This week we got to go on TWO of them! We went to see Disney’s new live action version of The Jungle Book, and we loved it! The effects were fantastic, and the kid who played Mowgli was adorable. So glad we went to see it! For our second Day Date, we went to lunch at Moore’s Delicatessen just a few blocks away from us. We’ve had them on our list of places to try for forever. It was totally worth the wait. Pretty sure it was the best tuna melt I’ve ever had. AND they have breakfast… Can’t wait to go back. I think it’s really important to keep dating your spouse, and I love our little outings together. Day Dates for the win.

2. Snapchat has been around for a while now, but I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of it. Or maybe just enjoying it. It’s silly, ridiculous, and superfluous, but it’s a lot of fun! I like playing with the filters and having snap conversations (or chats) with my buddies. So, if you wanna see more of my adorable cats, the adventures of #OhThoseHackmans, or me making a fool of myself… Follow me! @JoannaNichole26. Snaps for Snapchat.

3.  Speaking of my adorable cats… Aren’t they cute?

4.  It’s a good thing they are cute! If they weren’t, they might be in a lot more trouble. They discovered that they could tear into the bottom of our cute little accent chair and climb into it… We had it reupholstered, and they tore it back open less than a week later. (Little monsters.) Well, they have forced me into being crafty. I got some particle board, covered it in fabric, and fit it to the bottom of the chair. Pretty sure they aren’t getting through that! (Did I just jinx myself?) This has sort of created a frenzy of wanting to redecorate our whole apartment. I have dubbed this frenzy “Project Refresh.” And I’m having a blast! We are slowly making changes and adding pieces we like. This is something I’ll keep updating you on as we continue… So, here’s a look at the start we’ve made!

The Infamous Chair

The refinished bottom of the chair.

Our fabulous HP print! More pictures to be added, obviously.

London and Paris prints we had to have.

5.  I am so pleased and proud to share that I made my TV debut this week on General Hospital! It has been an amazing experience, and I feel nothing but gratitude for the positive feedback from the cast and crew and the love and support from family and friends. If you want to check out the episode, it aired on April 28th, and you can find it on Hulu, On Demand, and ABC.Go.com. It means the world to have so many friends tell me they’re watching. 🙂 I love this working actor thing, and I can’t wait for more!

Happy Friday, guys! 


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