Speaks To Me Sunday #51

22 May

Ever find yourself in a disagreement with someone? 

Ever feel so completely convinced that you are right

Ever been totally blindsided by the fact that you were actually in the wrong and you have hurt someone you care about? 

Man. It’s the worst. 

And it totally happened to me this week. 

It made me feel like the worst human. Even worse because I thought I was doing the right thing. Realizing I was not only wrong, but had also hurt my friend… Ugh. The worst feeling of all. Of course, I didn’t mean to. But I did. So I had to own up to it. 

Thankfully, I have people in my life who will call me out, talk things through, and love me anyway. I don’t feel deserving of it at the moment, but I am so grateful. 

People are going to disagree. It happens. But there are ways to do that without hurting each other. It just struck me just how essential it is to consider things from all sides, listen to the entire story before reacting, and trust that your friends have your best interests at heart. And most importantly, whether you are “right” or not… If someone feels hurt, your “rightness” doesn’t change that. 

When I first read this quote I applied it to myself. “Yeah! All you people who have done me wrong. So there!” It became much more powerful when I had to direct it at myself. 

I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I consider myself to be a fairly capable communicator, but sometimes I fall flat on my face. No denying that there is always room to grow (as painful as it might be). I am feeling humbled and grateful by the growing I’m doing this week. 

Anyone else experience this? How can you communicate the tough stuff without having to be right, without hurting your loved ones? 

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