Favorite Five Friday (148th Edition)

17 Jun

Friday is has arrived. How was your week? You doing okay? I hope so! There’s been some wonderful things happening as well as some truly awful things. Regardless, I am always trying to find the good…


1. When you’re celebrating, you go to Disneyland! Where else?! 😉 We were able to take a mini Staycation in Anaheim to celebrate our anniversary. The evening we arrived, we hit Downtown Disney for dinner. We had never tried the full Jazz Kitchen restaurant, so we decided to treat ourselves. The service was great (I love places that bring you champagne when you’re celebrating) and the food was delicious. We had such a wonderful time. We followed that up with a few rides before heading back to our AirBnB. The next morning we got to Disneyland fairly early, and we really hit all the rides we wanted just after noon. A great part of being an annual passholder is the ability to call it a day and head home to relax. Which ended up being good since it turned out that I was very sunburned. Whoops! We had a really wonderful time. You can’t go wrong with Disney!

2. We celebrated our SIXTH anniversary this week! Six years of adventures with my favorite human. 5 apartments, dozens of jobs, a move across the country, 2 kitties, and countless memories. My husband is always the one I want to snuggle with for an evening in, cry with when things are hard, laugh with…uncontrollably, and experience all life has to offer. We’ve been through so much. Together. Always together. I can’t wait to see what year seven holds.

3. I’m fairly certain that Dan gave me the best anniversary gift ever. Season tickets to the Pantages!! Which also means we’ll be seeing Hamilton! Not until August of 2017, but we are going! So excited. And just as excited about the rest of the season lineup. It’s going to be a blast. Well played, Hackman.

4. This week we started a food experiment called the Whole30. For 30 days we eat nothing but whole foods. No additives, no preservatives. Just whole, delicious food. It’s a lot of prepping and planning, but we are doing it! At the end of the 30 days, we will slowly introduce off plan foods to see how they affect us. I get chronic headaches and my allergies are always bad… If I can prevent these things by controlling the food I eat, I will. I’m interested to learn more about the food we consume and how it makes us feel. Of course, an added bonus would be losing a little weight. But the main goal is just to be healthy.  I’ll keep you updated on how we are doing!

5. The tough stuff. My heart has been so heavy these last few weeks… The media has been flooded with stories about a rapist getting off with a punishment far too lenient for his crime, a toddler lost to his family after an alligator attack, and a senseless shooting in Orlando where people lost their lives for being who they are. I want to weep. I can’t even begin to share how I feel. So many others have done it so eloquently already, but I can’t say nothing. I can’t allow silence to be mistaken for a lack of feeling. To those directly affected, I may not fully understand what you are going through, but I cry with you. I stand with you. I love you. And I will continue to look for the good, the heroes, the helpers in these dark situations… The bicyclists who stopped Brock Allen Turner from continuing to harm his victim, this victimThis woman who showed tremendous courage by sharing her story and standing up for herself (and women everywhere), watching as my theme park family has come together to honor the 49 lives lost in Orlando – the 6 who were our own in particular. I’m so glad to have been able to stand with more than 1,000 of Universal Studios Hollywood team members last night as we connected with our team members from Beijing, Singapore, Osaka, and Orlando to celebrate the lives we lost. Every shared story, every post, every shout into the darkness… They are seen, they are heard. Keep speaking your truth, keep spreading love. Oh, how we need it.

Hug your loved ones a little tighter.

Happy Friday, friends.


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