Favorite Five Friday (149th Edition)

24 Jun

Friday is here again! It’s been a good week…


1. We have successfully reached Day 12 of Whole 30! Whew. We have stayed strong. Both of us are feeling good, learning a lot, and enjoying cooking together. I’ve actually found that we are more productive in all areas because we have to be so on top of things with our meal planning. I’m certainly liking that side effect. More updates to come!

this is the kind of food we eat!

meal planning with a little help.

2. It was a million degrees in Los Angeles this week. Okay, it was 108, but it was mighty toasty spending seven hours outside giving a VIP tour. We survived it , and had a little fun by getting to do our tour together!

snapchat didn’t get it quite right, but close!

3. Beach day! I don’t get to go to the beach as often as I like, but I got to go this week. And to make it better, I got to try out a new beach AND spend the day with one of my favorite people. Cammie has lived in L.A. for the last year, but she and her husband are moving to Texas so he can finish his medical residency. I’m sad (slash excited for them) to see them go, but so happy I got to spend Cammie’s last day with her. We went to Manhattan Beach, got some sun, walked in the ocean, window shopped, and talked about all the adventures coming our way. I love friends that leave you feeling refreshed and happy. Love you, Cam!

4. One year ago we brought a tiny tortico home, and we named her Liz Lemon. She has been a source of joy and laughter for us ever since. She puts up with her brothers hijinks, sneaks into the fridge, sleeps in the sink, chases me while I work out, obsessively stares out the windows, and literally hugs our arms when she wants to snuggle. Lemon, you would do your namesake proud.

5. Phase one of Project Refresh is complete! We’ve done so many fun things to make our apartment feel more special, more unique to us. I’m loving what we’ve done so far…

a little Harry Potter love.



painted the shelf myself. the postcards are from our visit to the Churchill War Rooms in London.

LOVE our gallery wall!!


gorgeous print made just for us by my friend Elise!

wedding photos for June – love that we can switch them out so easily.

crazy Dr. Who loving cat lady.

Happy Friday!


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