Favorite Five Friday (150th Edition)

1 Jul

Hiya Friday! This week we’ve been taking it nice and easy…


1. I married a man who is just as OCD as me. We both love things to be neat, clean, and organized. All of our belongings have a specific place they go. I love that we are on the same page about it. Recently we have turned to a more minimalist page. We are focusing on having things that we need and that make us really happy… Everything else has gotta go! We started with our bedroom, and the progress we’ve made has been awesome. It feels so good to just declutter, be able to donate, and feel happy to have the things we do.

2. This week called for us to press the pause button and take some time for rest. Dan wasn’t feeling well, we were both tired… So we took a little time for ourselves. We’ve been rewatching LOST – we got to snuggle up in the couch for several episodes. We even went and got massages to feel more relaxed. It was definitely what we needed. I think it’s so important to be able to tune into your body/mind and give yourself a break when you need one.

3. We have passed the halfway point for our Whole30! I can’t even believe it. I’m feeling really proud of all we’ve accomplished… We have made great strides with meal planning/shopping and food prep. Both things I plan to continue once 30 days is up. We have both been feeling really good, and we aren’t even done! During the 30 days we are not weighing or measuring ourselves, but we can already see a difference. While we worked on our closet minimalizing, we tried on clothes. It was so wonderful to have so many things fitting better than they had in months. Feeling pretty victorious.

4. We have been missing time with our friends – everyone has been so busy with life lately. Us included! This week we were able to get together, grill our food, play games, and generally catch up. Some much needed socializing with some of my favorite people.

5. Because they are cute and I can’t help myself…

Happy Friday!


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