About Me

The Art of Acting Up
– Using my art to glorify God
– Creating high quality art with a purpose
– Making every day life a work of art


Who am I?

I’m Joanna. Or Jo. I like both.

Pretty sure my letter from Hogwarts has just been delayed, making up car dances is one of my favorite things, and I desperately want to live in The Container Store.

I love Jesus, my husband, and the sunshine. I am a story-teller, an actress pursuing an extraordinary career in the arts. Currently living it up in Los Angeles, California with my super cool husband (did I mention I love him?). And my cats. You wanna know more? Read on!

What do I blog about?

– Movies, Actors, Binge-worthy TV
– Going on adventures
– Reading, Writing, Drawing (okay more like doodling)
– My awesome family and friends
– Being a super cool wife to my super cool husband
– The coolest job ever – Tour Guide at the World Famous Universal Studio Tour
– Travel Dreaming
– Fashion (Clothes, Make-Up, Hair)
– Getting crafty/creative/organized (DIY, budgeting, cooking, & other projects)
– Learning new things
– Positivity and gratitude for this beautiful life

 Welcome to my blog!
I hope you kick up your feet and stay a while.

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