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Speaks To Me Sunday #80

9 Jul

Totally guilty of trying to solve my life. I constant find myself wanting to cross EVERYTHING off of my To-Do List in one day. 

But if I cross it all off… what’s left to do? What life is there left to live? I don’t have to solve every problem and conquer every obstacle right this very minute. I don’t have to have everything planned out and perfectly pieced together.

What if I could stop looking at my life as something to solve and instead view it as a pile (an organized one 😉) of wonderful and good things. What if I cared for and nurtured those good things? What if my life grew into something beautiful? 

I love a good To-Do list as much as the next Type-A girl. But even I have to admit that a Christmas-Morning-like pile of all the wonderful things in my life is so much more fulfilling than a crumpled up list of crossed off (or ya know… rewritten again and again) problems and worries.

So, one at a time. I want to build my pile of good things. Now I just have to decide what will I add to the pile first. 

Speaks To Me Sunday #65

11 Sep

Fifteen years.

I can’t believe it’s been so long, and yet, I still remember the way I experienced that day pretty vividly. 

When I remember September 11th, 2001… I feel sad, confused, scared, heartbroken. But when I think of the helpers, the way our country stood together… I feel proud, reassured, thankful, hopeful. 

Today I am choosing to think of those helpers and feel hope. I am sending love and prayers to all those that lost someone and those still fighting to keep us safe.

God Bless America!



10 Mar

I did it. 

I chopped my hair off.   

  Okay, so it isn’t the first time. I got this fabulous bowl cut when I was in preschool. My best friend was a boy, and I wanted to look like him. I asked him to cut my hair, and, good buddy that he was, he complied. Our mothers cried, I’m sure I did too! It was a disaster. This might have been the first time that I got the idea that short hair was bad. Not pretty. After all, I got in trouble for cutting it. (Not that I blame you, Mom. ;))

I had short hair for quite a while after that, but it wasn’t long before I came to the realization that pretty girls had long hair. Boys liked girls with long hair. That was just how it worked. 

So, I grew out my hair. It was long and I felt pretty. 

Samson’s hair made him strong, my hair made me beautiful. Honestly, some days it felt like it was the only thing that did. For most of my life I have felt like my level of beauty was directly correlated with the length of my hair. So I hid behind it. I was just another girl with long hair. 

I remember moving to Los Angeles and having multiple people tell me I should cut it, it was too long. One acting teacher even said to me, “I don’t get your hair. It tells me nothing about you.” In my mind I was thinking, “doesn’t it tell you I’m pretty?” So I kept hiding. But I started noticing that I was hiding, and it didn’t feel good. 

Well, I have been shouting from the rooftops that I am brave… And this “situation” with my hair got to the point where I felt like I needed to prove it to myself. I needed to cut my hair.

This might not seem like a big deal, but it was huge for me. At this point, I had been a long-haired girl for more than a decade. It felt like it was a part of my identity, the thing that made me me. But I needed to prove to myself that my beauty didn’t come from my hair. I needed to prove to myself that beauty (physical beauty) wasn’t the most important thing in my life. So, I took the leap…

It’s been over a month now, and this draft has been sitting here waiting to be finished. I just haven’t been able to bring myself to write all of these feelings down. Part of me is embarrassed by being so attached to my hair, part of me knows there are other girls out there who feel the same way. Part of me is ashamed to admit that there have been days since I made the cut that I have felt less than beautiful because of it, part of me is super proud that I did something different and brave. 

Overall, I am enjoying this new look. I don’t know whether I will keep it short or let it grow again. I do know that I like both.  Mostly I am enjoying knowing that whether I have short hair or long hair… I am still me. 

Kat Tuohy Photography

Speaks To Me Sunday #34

3 Jan

It’s a brand new year! Happy 2016, everyone. I hope yours is off to a wonderful start. 

In 2015 I decided on a theme of sorts for the year. I picked Brave, and I loved having that to turn to and focus on throughout the year. I am going to continue my journey to being Brave, but it’s time for a new theme. 

I choose Joy. 

This next year I want to turn to Joy in all situations. It’s a choice, and one I want to make. There is too much to be grateful for to be sideswiped by circumstances. Of course, it’s not always easy. It can be a battle, but one that seems worthwhile to fight. I am going to fight for JOY. 

What’s your theme for 2016? What will you focus on to make it your best year yet?! 

Talk to me. 😊

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Speaks To Me Sunday #14

21 Jun

Happy Father’s Day! 

I am so grateful to have a Dad who has always believed in me. He encouraged me to really go after what I wanted. Even when it was scary… So, he also taught me to be brave. Knowing he believed in me was everything. It was all I needed to seek out my dreams. This belief is the foundation of my choices, my pursuits, my life. 

Daddy, thank you for your belief in me. I would not be who I am today without it. On this Father’s Day I hope you know I believe in you, too. I love you, Dad! 


my favorite picture of us

What did your Dad teach you? How are you celebrating this Father’s Day? #SpeaksToMeSunday  

Favorite Five Friday (117th Edition)

19 Jun

Hello! It’s been a fun week…


1.  The Giving Keys is a cool organization that employs people looking to transition out of homelessness. They make beautiful pieces of jewelry out of keys with a history. On each key they engrave a word, a message for the wearer. These keys keep on giving because once the word has served its purpose, the wearer passes the key on to someone else who needs it. I fell in love with this idea when I first found The Giving Keys. I’ve always had a thing about keys… some kind of nostalgia maybe. Plus, you all know I’m big on words. 😉 Put the two together, I’m sold! Dan got me one of my very own for our anniversary with a word I am trying to live out on the daily. It’s time to be brave!


2.  Big shout out to my cousin, Katy, for graduating high school this last week! To celebrate she came to L.A. with her mom (my Aunt Jill) and my mom. They came to Universal to hop on board the World Famous Universal Studio Tour, we ate some delicious food, and we played with our kitty, Jack. It was definitely a weekend of family fun!


3.  Over the last month we’ve been juggling work, a move across town, kittens, and all kinds of craziness. Feeling busy and exhausted led me to putting my health and fitness on the back burner… not really where I want them to be. Let me tell you, I can feel it. I’m ready to get my priorities straight and get back to sweating it out. I want to make healthy choices so I can be strong enough to take on whatever life throws at me. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the “why.” Why am I doing this? Why does it matter if I skip my work out or eat dessert three times a day? I’m working on getting my ” why” back.



4. It’s always a good week when it includes Disney! And Disney is extra magical when you get to go with some awesome friends. We didn’t get to see all of the 60th Anniversary events, but we liked what we saw so far! Guess that just means we will have to go back. 😉

1908100_10153032332879952_914685493372277498_n 10996806_10155688682970035_7716674949402282084_n

5.  I pretty much always drink out of straws, and Jack is constantly trying to steal them. I caught him in the act… click the link for some kitty cuteness: https://www.facebook.com/joanna.hackman/videos/10153031917279952/?l=9163815815011173973.

Have a great weekend, and (dare I say it) an even better week!

Happy Friday!

Speaks To Me Sunday

15 Mar

If you follow me on any social media, you could probably guess that I am a fan of quotes. Words that inspire me, challenge me, make me laugh. I have always loved words – spoken, written, typed, whatever. Language is such a powerful thing, and I think it all comes down to communication. Something I believe we all crave. Sometimes words just speak to your heart… something said by a loved one that you lock away to think of whenever you need it most, a hilarious phrase that can put a smile on your face when the day isn’t going your way, comforting words that make you feel like someone understands you, an empowering mantra that convinces you to take on the world. That is a lot of power from something so seemingly simple. (Ah, alliteration. WORDS!) It is safe to say that I have had a lifelong love affair with words, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. So, I decided to share words that are currently inspiring me by doing something new!

Speaks To Me Sunday!

This is where I will share what words, quotes, phrases are speaking to me. To my heart, my soul, my mind, my funny bone. 😉 I want to share the power of words, and maybe you will be inspired too! (*Disclaimer: The quotes will (most likely) not be mine. I am not claiming to be the one who said these wonderful things. I will credit who did whenever possible! Same goes for any art work that comes attached.*)

And that brings me to my words for this week…


I have been learning this a lot the last several months. I made the decision to give up fear in 2015 (#NoFear15) and it has been quite the challenge, but oh-so-worth-it. Diving into scary situations, overcoming challenges, leaving doubts at the door… it has all be SO freeing. Well, yesterday I made the choice to do something that actually terrifies me. I signed up for Improv Class at The Upright Citizens Brigade. (I am trying not to hyperventilate.) I’ve always liked the thought of improv, and been able to act on those impulses when forced to for auditions or when live theatre takes a turn because someone missed a cue. However, when I was first introduced to the idea of improv, it was the thing that funny people did. You had to be funny to do improv, and I had been told that I was not. I let that control me, hover over me for a long time. Being told that I was the girl for the dramatic scenes was great… being told that I couldn’t do comedy was crippling. I branched out in college and was able to tackle comedy, but there is always this voice in the back of my head saying that I am not funny.

Well, I turned to my friend Amanda (Improv Goddess) who told me that it’s a good thing that I don’t think I’m funny. WHAT?! She thinks I will have a better chance at succeeding in improv if I am not worrying about finding the funny thing to say, but rather the honest thing. Well, that certainly flipped all my ideas around. I don’t have to be funny. But maybe I will be. 🙂

So, I decided to face my fears head on and jump into class. I am definitely nervous, but I am trying to let go of control. I feel like this might just set me free.

I would love for you all to join in! Comment here. Or reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram (@JoannaHackman) – share your quotes, thoughts, words. Use #SpeaksToMeSunday and get in the conversation.

Favorite Five Friday (74th Edition)

17 Jul

Y’all, it has been a crazy couple of weeks. Last week I didn’t post because I was up at 4:30 AM for work. Then I came home and went immediately to sleep! That is pretty much what the last few weeks have looked like. Here is a visual…

This is what 6 AM looks like....

This is what 6 AM looks like….

Summer time is busy but fun!  So, I spaced (and ran out of time) posting yesterday, but here are a few of my favorite things from the last two weeks…


1.  I am loving my new shampoo and conditioner from Beauty With A Twist. My ah-mazing hair stylist, Angela, introduced me to them. They are paraben and sulfate free, and my hair is feeling super healthy. I also love that these products are not tested on animals. Plus, they smell delicious!


2.  Dan and I got to squeeze in date night this week! We went to The Federal to see our buddy, Jon, do some stand up. It was a very funny show, and we laughed through the entire thing. Such a great night.

3.  I have been wearing cheap shoes with no support to work for the last year. Well, I am over it. I do far too much standing and walking to wear shoes that don’t feel good. I finally invested in a great pair of shoes! I love my new Sketchers – they have memory foam! Light weight, comfy, and perfect for a Tour Guide. Yes, one of my favorite things this week is a pair of shoes. 😉

Just in case you were wondering what they looked like...

Just in case you were wondering what they looked like…

4.  I am working on being brave…

photo 2 (1)

photo 1




(I’d also love to give credit to whoever put these encouraging memes together. I love seeing  these all over the place, and I wanted to share. Spread that positivity! Of course, credit to C.S. Lewis and Anne Lamott for their inspiring words.)

5.  On July 15th the Studio Tour celebrated its 50th Birthday! 50 years of guided tours of the Universal lot… Pretty incredible. The original Studio Tour was the start of a theme park, and now there are Universal parks all over the world. I am so proud to be a part of this legacy, and I am thrilled to share the history of Universal with guests every day.

Happy 50th Birthday!!!

Happy 50th Birthday!!!

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone!