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Speaks To Me Sunday #75

22 Jan

Oh, this is so important right now. 

We must have the courage to stand up for our beliefs. But we must also have the courage to listen to the beliefs of others. Communication is essential. Otherwise, we will always be divided.

It’s scary to put yourself out there, to be vocal about about your beliefs and convictions. Especially if they might not line up with the beliefs of people you love… so I am trying to have a little courage. 

I feel incredibly proud of the people I know that stood up for women’s rights at the Women’s March on Washington yesterday. I thought my heart might burst with how proud I felt seeing people gather all over the world to raise their voices together. It was completely peaceful, totally within our rights, and, from what I hear, full of love. 
And then I started to hear some dissent. And it crushed me a little bit… I tried to read and listen to why others opposed this march. What I kept running into was a lack of understanding. People literally not knowing what this march was all about, but opposing it nonetheless. So if you don’t know, here’s why we march…

Women’s March on Washington:

  • Feminism. Women’s rights are human rights. 
  • Ending violence and gender and racial inequality in the criminal justice system.
  • Reproductive rights, quality healthcare services, accurate sex education, safe and legal birth control and abortions.
  • LGTBQIA rights are human rights.
  • Worker’s Rights that work for women too. Equal pay, access to affordable childcare, sick days, healthcare, paid family leave, and healthy work environments.
  • Civil Rights, man! Voting rights, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, protections for all citizens regardless of race, gender, age or disability.
  • Disability Rights as Deaf women and women with disabilities should be fully included in American life, economy, and culture. 
  • Immigrant rights for the “huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” 
  • Environmental Justice to protect our world because we have the right to clean water, clean air, and access to public lands. 

So, there you have it. Why we march. Can you read it and not see something that speaks to you? Even if you can’t get behind all of it… Can you honestly read through that list and disagree with ALL of it? If so… I honestly don’t understand. But I suppose that might also explain why we have ended up with President that I also don’t understand. We are not on the same page, we are not understanding each other. But it seems to me that we aren’t even trying. 

So, here I am… trying. I am trying to be courageous enough to share my beliefs with you. I hope you will have courage, dear heart, and share with me too. I will not shame you for speaking your mind or for having beliefs that are different than mine. I will listen to you with an open heart, and hope you will offer me the same courtesy. Maybe then we can build a bridge to reach each other. Maybe then we can move forward with courage and with love into a world we are all proud to call home. 

Favorite Five Friday (147th Edition)

3 Jun

Lookin’ good, Friday. A perfect addition to the week, really. And I can’t believe we’ve made it to June – one of my favorite months. I feel like I’m celebrating a LOT of milestones these days. It’s an exciting time…


1. Four years ago we packed all of our belongings and moved across the country to a place where we essentially knew no one. Leaving Nashville was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I’m pretty sure we only got through it because we had each other, our dreams, and what we felt was God’s calling on our lives. Of course, I still miss Nashville and my community there. They will always hold a truly special place in my heart. But I am also incredibly proud of the life we have built in L.A. and all we have accomplished in our time here so far. It’s also pretty neat to have loved ones and family all across the country. Four years ago we said see ya later. Never goodbye.

2. Project Refresh continues in the Hackman Household… a couple months ago I decided I wanted to redo pretty much everything in our apartment. But it takes time! We are making progress. My favorite thing this week was putting up our gallery wall. We are still gathering photos and prints to put in the frames, but we finally found all the pieces we wanted. So we decided to just go for it! I’ll post more pictures once it’s complete, but here’s how it looks on our wall!

3. This week was the TEN year anniversary of my High School Graduation. WHAT?! I feel like that means I am supposed to be a real grown up, but I still find myself looking around for an adultier adult when times get tough. Maybe we all are? Getting older is challenging yet inevitable, ya know? We all do it. But I guess growing up is something else. As for me, I think I’ll choose to keep at least a little of my childishness. 😉 Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on all that’s happened since commencement, and it’s pretty amazing to see how far I’ve come. I toured across the country performing for nine months, moved to Nashville, got married(!), acted in dozens of shows, worked hard and received my BFA in Acting, moved to Los Angeles, found a job I love where I’ve been a part of some once in a lifetime moments, been in commercials and on TV, never stopped pursuing my dreams. Through it all, I’ve met wonderful people, cultivated incredible relationships, dared myself to dream bigger and be braver. And there is still more to do and further to go. Looking back makes me nostalgic, proud, and excited for the next ten years. I think I’ll get the hang of this adulting thing after all.

4. More milestones… One year ago Dan and I wandered into the NKLA animal shelter, and a little gray tabby wandered into our hearts. As soon as he saw Jack, Dan knew we had to have him. It was only made more clear when Jack was handed to us and he immediately started purring. There was no way we were leaving without him. I can’t explain it, but over the last year Jack has made our lives happier just by being in it. I love being a crazy cat lady Cat Mom.

5.  It’s National Donut Day! Oh Those Hackmans could not help but celebrate. Donuts are kind of our thing. 🙂

Happy Friday! Go eat a donut!

Favorite Five Friday (18th Edition)

4 Jan

So, I missed posting last week… the holidays, ya know?  It was busy!  But fun!  So, here’s my faves for this week:


1.  New Year’s Eve!  It’s a time for new beginnings and reflection… two things I really enjoy.  It’s exciting, right?!  Well, this year was a little strange.  Dan had to work and I don’t really have any friends out here.  It was looking to be a bit of a lonely New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles for this lady.  Luckily, Dan’s Aunt and Uncle came to visit us for a couple of days. I got to go have dinner with them at the fancy pants restaurant where Dan works.  I had a wonderful meal, great company, and the occasional moment with my husband.  It was fantastic. After dinner,  I had to take the train to head home, and (If you know me, this next part won’t be surprising at all) I took the wrong one.  It took me a few stops to realize what I had done.  I kept calm, inspected the map, and figured out what I needed to do to fix it like a big girl.  I was pretty proud of myself.  It sort of made me realize that I am an adult, and ultimately, I am responsible for myself. (Whoa, right?)  So, I made it home safe and sound.  Then, I tried to wait up for my husband and for midnight… Sadly, we don’t have cable so I couldn’t even watch the ball drop!  So, I snuggled up in bed (bad idea) and watched (okay, okay, fell asleep to) Grey’s Anatomy. Then, in an awesome turn of events, my husband showed up several minutes before 2012 ended.  We snuggled, talked about what we wanted to happen in 2013, and waited for midnight.  I got my New Year’s kiss and promptly went back to sleep feeling thankful for a new start and that I got to greet 2013 with my best friend.

2.  We have a fireplace in our apartment. I love it.  I just like the look and feel of them in a room.  Well, this week I found out I love my fireplace even more.  All this time I thought it was just for show… turns out it actually works!  We got the staff to come turn on our pilot light, and now we have a warm, cozy, working fireplace.  (It’s on right now, by the way).

3.  This week we’ve been having Winter Camp at My Gym.  It’s a three-hour drop off with tons of fun games and activities.  We get pretty silly with the kids, and it’s been a lot of fun.  These are some of my favorite things the kids told me this week:

  • 6-year-old girl: (After playing with me for five minutes) “Hey, I really love you.”
  • 4-year-old boy:  “You are the strongest girl ever!”
  • 4-year-old girl: (One of my regular students… she brought her new dress to camp just to show it to me) “I had to show you my new dress. I just missed you when it was Christmas.”

How awesome are they? Kids say the best things.

4.  So, I’ve mentioned before that Dan and I seem to be settling into our apartment a little more… we put up shelves, we’ve been doing new things with our bedding, etc.  This week we got matching bedside lamps. I think this is a huge step in our relationship (haha!). And… not only did we decide we wanted to paint an accent wall in our room, it actually got painted this week. Dan did it while I was working, and it looks awesome!  I didn’t get any good pictures today, but I’ll post some when I do!  I love our new wall.

5.  One of my goals for 2013 is to really start pursuing my career as an actor.  I really desperately need to be taking classes.  There is just so much to continue learning, stories to tell, people to meet, relationships to build.  I miss the community of actors I had in Nashville, and I need that again.  I need to feel ready to dive into auditioning and seeking representation.  This week, I got to audit an incredible acting class and I can’t tell you just how amazing it felt.  I left feeling more like myself than I have in months. I am a student. I am an actor. I need community. I need an outlet.  I think I may have found exactly what I was looking for.  Yes.