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Speaks To Me Sunday #74

15 Jan

Gratitude means letting go of what you thought you should have so that you can celebrate all you do have. 

I feel blessed to have so much to be thankful for! Sometimes I get caught up in “future thinking” and wishing I had more. But if I am honest, I have enough. And choosing to be grateful for what I have makes it mean infintely more.

2017 will officially be my year of gratitude. I want to focus my heart and mind on being thankful for all God has given me… for my family, friends, cats, community, health, home, belongings, jobs, dreams, experiences, opportunities, and all the other special things that make up my life.  I have so much more than enough!  So I will practice gratitude. And I do think it is a practice – sometimes it will take a little effort. Ultimately, I believe it will make me more positive and productive, less anxious, a better friend, and a happier person. 

Cheers to a grateful heart in 2017! What are you practicing this year?!

Speaks To Me Sunday #73

1 Jan


I am a girl who maps out situations and stories. When I make plans about the future, I vividly imagine how things will turn out. What I will say, how others will respond, where we will be, how the whole scene plays out right down to the happy ending. It’s the way my mind works. It can be fun, but it can also be heartbreaking when things don’t go as planned. Especially when some of my plans are actually desires that I don’t have total control over. My stories get sunk, and I am left feeling disappointed, desperately trying to write a new one. 

January 1st, 2017 has not played out how I envisioned. I have spent some time today feeling defeated. I wanted a grand start to this new year! Wouldn’t that be a story to tell?! Well, it’s not my story today. 

And I felt bereft. Like something was taken from me. 

I was still feeling down when I got home from work, and I found a present from the sweetest husband in the world. (This is the second year in a row he has surprised me with a New Year gift… I’m liking this tradition. 😉 Thank you, Babe!) He reminded me that it’s not too late to start 2017 in the right way. (In fact, it’s never too late to start again, in my opinion.)

And truthfully… 

 Maybe the problem isn’t with the story. Maybe it’s me that needs a little change. Maybe I need to let go of my imaginary pen. Maybe I need to let the moments come as they may. Maybe I need to live in them. Maybe I need to trust that God, the most incredible author of all, will write my story… the same way he has for the last 28 years. Maybe I need to say YES to that. 

So, this year I am saying YES…

To living in the moment

To embracing the unexpected

To new adventures

To listening more completely

To releasing what I cannot control 

To loving others better

To being grateful for the wonderful story of my life, written by the creator of all things. 
What are you saying YES to this year?!

Side note: I have yet to read the book, but I’m feeling inspired by it already. I’ll let you know how it is! I love me some Shonda Rhimes. ❤ 


Speaks To Me Sunday #69

6 Nov

That is something we can all be thankful for! 

My dreams are ever-changing. Constantly expanding and shifting as my experiences and desires affect my heart. It’s so exciting to look back on where I have been and the dreams that have brought me to where I am.

I am finding myself in another state of growing, changing, living where I am setting new goals and dreams. It can be scary, but honestly, I am mostly feeling  excited.

I plan to never forget how to pursue something new and thrilling. This is what makes life worth living. 

Favorite Five Friday (141st Edition)

1 Apr

 Friday, you have never looked so good! The rest of my week wasn’t so bad either…


1.  Little Lemon turned ONE this week! The three best words to describe her are spunky, sweet, and chunky. She constantly makes us laugh with all the ridiculous things she does. We also fully appreciate the many snuggles from this sweetie. Both our babies are one! We haven’t had them for a whole year yet, but it’s safe to say they’ve made our lives better. I adore being a cat mom. Happy Birthday, Liz Lemon!

 2.  You know when you are so busy and exhausted that you could just fall asleep anywhere? And you finally get a chance to relax, but you can’t because your mind is overwhelmed with thoughts of what you still have to do?! Ugh. It’s an endless cycle, and it’s endlessly frustrating. Well, I’ve been trying something new… I’m giving myself permission to relax. When I know I have a day off with some time to unwind, I will “plan” to do that. I have found that if I don’t plan this, give myself permission, I end up sitting there feeling guilty and stressed. What a waste of time! So, I’m changing the perspective and the thought process. When I want to, I will give myself permission to sit on the couch and do nothing. Without worry or stress or guilt! Sometimes you just need that. How am I feeling so far? Much more relaxed, thank you.

3. We celebrated Easter this week! Resurrection Sunday has always been a special time in my life. Sometimes it’s easy to go along each day and forget the sacrifice Jesus made for me, to forget grace, to forget love. Easter brings that all right back into perspective, and I’m so grateful for it. I shared one of my favorite bible verses in my Speaks To Me Sunday post, and it had me reflecting on our purpose in life. Jesus rose to his purpose so perfectly, and I am in awe. He is Risen, and I am eternally grateful.

4. I was in a commercial a few months back, and this week I saw the finished product! To see me get my sassy face on…

5. We are a week away from opening The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood, and I am getting excited! My husband did something very sweet to celebrate, he got me my very own Hermione wand! (I might have cried). He knows me so well. If you want to see just how much this meant to me, check out my Instagram (@JoannaHackman) and read the caption for this photo. Now that I have my wand, I am ready for some magic!

Happy Friday!

Enjoy April, fools! 😝 (See what I did there?!)