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Speaks To Me Sunday #80

9 Jul

Totally guilty of trying to solve my life. I constant find myself wanting to cross EVERYTHING off of my To-Do List in one day. 

But if I cross it all off… what’s left to do? What life is there left to live? I don’t have to solve every problem and conquer every obstacle right this very minute. I don’t have to have everything planned out and perfectly pieced together.

What if I could stop looking at my life as something to solve and instead view it as a pile (an organized one 😉) of wonderful and good things. What if I cared for and nurtured those good things? What if my life grew into something beautiful? 

I love a good To-Do list as much as the next Type-A girl. But even I have to admit that a Christmas-Morning-like pile of all the wonderful things in my life is so much more fulfilling than a crumpled up list of crossed off (or ya know… rewritten again and again) problems and worries.

So, one at a time. I want to build my pile of good things. Now I just have to decide what will I add to the pile first. 

Speaks To Me Sunday #67

2 Oct

I’ve been having some bad days lately… Upsetting moments happen, and I can’t seem to shake it.

Honestly? Sometimes I don’t want to. (Oh, how hard that is to say.) I am choosing to sit in it… Simmering and seething in my anger, sadness, worry, shame… Whatever emotion brought about by a single instance. I want to wallow in it. Total pity party.


My ego. My ego feels so good when I am right… And I don’t mean my ego like a place of self confidence or worth. I’m talking about that small, but clear voice in my head that says “you are right.” My ego wants me to be right no matter the cost – even if that means my actions end up hurting me… Or even sometimes others. 

I am right to be angry because this person did me wrong, I am right to be sad because that didn’t work out how I wanted, I am right to be ashamed because no one else would have made that mistake. 

It’s so easy to listen to my ego. But my ego is also a liar capable of robbing me of happiness for an entire day. Who wants to live like that? Who would choose that. The price of “being right” is far too high. Truth? My life is not made better by listening to my ego and sinking into negativity. My life is made better when I tell that voice to shut up, when I shrug off that bad moment, when I offer my burdens to God, when I talk out my feelings with someone who cares for me, when I choose to be happy instead.

Bad moments may happen. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a bad day. From here on out, I am going to work on choosing happy. 

Who’s with me?!

Speaks To Me Sunday #54

19 Jun

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dads out there… Particularly mine! 


You have always been my biggest champion. I never once doubted that I could do anything because you always believed in me. You fostered self confidence, courage, and determination in me at such a young age. And with more than just words. You supported my dreams by driving me to auditions and rehearsals. Not to mention showing up for every musical, play, and concert. You helped me cultivate relationships by encouraging my participation at in each club, choir, and organization I joined. You swooped in to save the day when I couldn’t do something on my own. You would never let me give up, and you taught me how to pick myself up and try again. I can’t thank you enough for that foundation that makes up so much of who I am.  

On this day especially, I hope you know just how much your little girl believes in you too. 

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy.

I love you! 

How are you celebrating your Dad today?! 


Speaks To Me Sunday #48

24 Apr

This is my ultimate dream.

The biggest reason I am an actor is my desire to inspire people through storytelling. 
I have huge dreams and some fantastic role models in my life to inspire me… Thanks to them I have not given up. One of my big dreams has been to get a role on a TV show, and that dream came true this month. (What?!?) 

 I am going to be on TV this week! 

This week!

 I can’t believe it’s real. And, y’all, it’s only the start. I am feeling so much motivation to keep moving forward. I feel bold and brave and completely ecstatic. It’s the best feeling. I want to keep it forever. Motivation and inspiration. 

Guys. Never give up on your dreams. You can do it! And remember, you never know who you might be inspiring. 

What is your ultimate dream?

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Speaks To Me Sunday #41

28 Feb

It’s Oscar Night! 

This time of year gives me a lot of feelings… Mostly it inspires me and drives me to do more, create more, be my best self. 

But it would be super easy to let it weigh me down. Look at all these people making it! I’m not good enough, I’ll never make it, I can’t… Feeling defeated would be easy when you’re seeing the success of so many. But we all know that the easiest option isn’t usually the best one. 😉 

I am choosing to feel the inspiration. I love watching these fantastic films, I love seeing talented actors recognized for their work. I am letting all the good feelings wash over me. Inspiration, empowerment, belief, joy. I will use their success to push me forward. 

I will watch the Oscars tonight, and see that dreams really do come true. 

Will you choose to celebrate the success of others? What inspires you? 

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Speaks To Me Sunday #23

23 Aug

Some days I feel like I know exactly who I am. Some days I feel like I have no idea. 

I’ve always been a little ashamed to admit this, but I’ve come to realize that most people feel this way at some time or another. 

We are constantly changing, shifting, growing. Every day new experiences, interactions, and moments affect us, move us. That is the beauty in being human. 

So, even on the days where I feel a little lost… I need to remember that I am me

Jesus Follower, people lover. Wife, daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, aunt, friend. Actor, writer, singer, occasional dancer. Adventurer, explorer, traveler. Cat mom, (hopefully) future baby mom. Creative, dreamer, do-er. Hard worker, lifetime learner, organizer. Book worm, music lover, art appreciater. Empathizer, encourager. Passionate, vulnerable, fierce, brave, kind, a little weird, extraordinary. Human. 

I know who I am. I will not be stopped. 

Who are you? 

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**Thanks to the Firework People for the photo and the inspiration! 

Speaks To Me Sunday #19

26 Jul

Sometimes Dan and I like to pretend our life is a movie. Musical numbers, dramatic monologues, explosive action sequences… And then we remember what would happen if we actually did a tuck and roll out of a moving vehicle. 

My life is not a movie, but it doesn’t mean that some of the same rules can’t apply! In life, in movies… something is going to go wrong. It just is. At some point in each of our lives, things will not go as planned. But remember, in the movie, the most exciting part is when the unexpected happens. 

Why should it be any different in our lives? What if we started looking at the all the things that went “wrong” as an opportunity for something exciting to happen? I think life would be a lot more fun that way. 

How ’bout you? Have you experienced any plot twists lately? 


Speaks To Me Sunday #17

12 Jul

I recently started seeing this quote everywhere. I had no clue where it came from so I looked it up. Apparently it’s from a book by Kathryn Forsyth. I feel like I should probably read something she has written because we either have something in common or she knows me. 

I read those words and they make my heart pound. That is exactly who I want to be. Kind, fierce, and brave. Those are words I want to live my life by. I pray daily that God gives me a heart that is compassionate and generous toward others. I am constantly curious and have a voracious need to learn all I can. My deepest desire is to be bold and leap fearlessly into every experience and opportunity that comes my way. Kind, fierce, and brave. That is my heartbeat. 

What is yours? What words speak to you, challenge you, describe you, define you?  Who do you want to be? 

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Speaks To Me Sunday #11

24 May


No explanation needed. To do list for a live well lived! Sometimes we just need to make it simple. 

What’s on your short and sweet to do list? 

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Speaks To Me Sunday #10

17 May

Today I am graduating from The Upright Citizens Brigade Improv 101 class. A quote from one of my favorite improvisers seemed to be a perfect fit to mark the occasion. 

The first thing you learn in improv is to say “Yes, and…” You have to dive into what’s in front of you by saying “yes.” That might be the scariest part! But once you dare to choose yes, it’s so liberating. You’re in. Then you have to add an “and.” Add to the situation, bring what you’ve got to the table, build something new. You have to be creative and specific at the same time to really form a firm foundation. Then, like Tina says… You’ll figure it out after! 

This has been so helpful while I’ve learned to improvise, but it also applies to my everyday life. I can get so stuck not making decisions because I’m afraid of making the wrong one. I’m starting to think the only wrong choice is to not make one at all! So, say yes! Add the and. You’ll figure it out. Sounds like a pretty good life motto to me. It’s time to be decisive. And Brave. We can do it. 


What are you going to “Yes, and…”?! 

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