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Speaks To Me Sunday #74

15 Jan

Gratitude means letting go of what you thought you should have so that you can celebrate all you do have. 

I feel blessed to have so much to be thankful for! Sometimes I get caught up in “future thinking” and wishing I had more. But if I am honest, I have enough. And choosing to be grateful for what I have makes it mean infintely more.

2017 will officially be my year of gratitude. I want to focus my heart and mind on being thankful for all God has given me… for my family, friends, cats, community, health, home, belongings, jobs, dreams, experiences, opportunities, and all the other special things that make up my life.  I have so much more than enough!  So I will practice gratitude. And I do think it is a practice – sometimes it will take a little effort. Ultimately, I believe it will make me more positive and productive, less anxious, a better friend, and a happier person. 

Cheers to a grateful heart in 2017! What are you practicing this year?!

Speaks To Me Sunday #33

27 Dec

This is pretty much self explanatory. It’s so perfectly said by F. Scott Fitzgerald in The Curios Case of Benjamin Button. That I had to share. 

I’ve been reflecting on the last year and thinking of what’s to come in 2016. I love the idea of a fresh start – not that you need a new year to have one! – and new beginnings. 

I plan to live a life I’m proud of, and if I ever find that I’m not, I will choose courage and start all over again. I hope you will too.

What worked in 2015? What didn’t? How will you begin anew? 

Cheers to 2016!


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