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Speaks To Me Sunday #80

9 Jul

Totally guilty of trying to solve my life. I constant find myself wanting to cross EVERYTHING off of my To-Do List in one day. 

But if I cross it all off… what’s left to do? What life is there left to live? I don’t have to solve every problem and conquer every obstacle right this very minute. I don’t have to have everything planned out and perfectly pieced together.

What if I could stop looking at my life as something to solve and instead view it as a pile (an organized one 😉) of wonderful and good things. What if I cared for and nurtured those good things? What if my life grew into something beautiful? 

I love a good To-Do list as much as the next Type-A girl. But even I have to admit that a Christmas-Morning-like pile of all the wonderful things in my life is so much more fulfilling than a crumpled up list of crossed off (or ya know… rewritten again and again) problems and worries.

So, one at a time. I want to build my pile of good things. Now I just have to decide what will I add to the pile first. 

Speaks To Me Sunday #60

7 Aug


This has been running through my mind for a couple weeks now. This is the somebody I want to be. 

There’s been some craziness happening in and around my life lately. It can be easy to get swept away with it, to be completely caught up in myself. Turning that focus outward seems to make a world of difference. 

I want to be known as an encourager, a positive force, someone people expect to show goodness and kindness. 

I want to make you feel like a somebody. Because you are. 

How can I do that for you? What makes you feel important? 


Speaks To Me Sunday #44

20 Mar

Lately it seems like there have been a lot of things to be stressed about. Dwelling on it makes me feel like im drowning in anxiety. And I am someone who is prone to worry as it is. 

The best salve I have found is gratitude. If I can stop and choose to look at all the things I’m grateful for, every person who helped when things got tough, every lesson learned from hardship… It makes every day that much brighter, that much easier. 

I have been overwhelmed by gratitude these last couple of days. And it truly has interrupted my anxiety. It’s amazing what a change of perspective can do. 

Give it a shot! What are you grateful for? 

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Speaks To Me Sunday #38

7 Feb


Not just the noticeably good things, the stand-out moments. Everything. 

My awesome coach, Alison Robertson, sent this to me when I was feeling a little down. It gave me a new perspective, and it’s kind of become like a little game. Whenever I feel like something isn’t going the way I wanted it to, instead of spiraling downward, I stop and spin it. I remember that it’s rigged in my favor. Maybe the way I wanted it to go wasn’t the best possible outcome. 

God does this all the time… the thing I thought I desperately needed wasn’t actually His best for me. He always has something better. There is so much more out there if we dream a little bigger. And this life is so much more fulfilling if we can adjust our attitudes and find the good. 

Alright, I’m ready to face this day and find all the little moments that are rigged in my favor. 

How about you?! 

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Speaks To Me Sunday #31

6 Dec

I’ve been finding negative thoughts creeping up in my life. When they enter my mind, I find myself speaking them aloud. It’s creating a pattern in my life that is unwanted and unnecessary. 

I can choose happiness. I can choose positivity. That is within my control. Focusing on the good is a choice. It’s one I’m ready to make. I’m banning negative thoughts – first from crossing my lips, and maybe eventually from my mind. I want to be happy. 

I hope you do too! 

Stand with me and focus on the good. There is so much of it to go around. 

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Favorite Five Friday (71st Edition)

20 Jun

Another Friday, another week to share. Thanks for stopping by for…


1.  I am a person who creates chaos. There are so many things that I want to be and do… and I want to do all of them right now. Typically, I am not known as a laid-back, patient kind of person. I like to cross the finish line. Well, I am working on taking my time. I believe it is possible to do all of the things I want, but it can’t all happen at once. A friend told me that I should just work on getting from A to B instead of trying to get from A-XYZ in a single swoop. Baby steps. It’s hard for me, but I am working on it. It’s possible that I will get more done this way, and I might just enjoy doing it.

2.  Summer is here, and I wanted my hair brightened up to match!  Thank to the fabulous Angela at Twist by Oliver salon. She is a rockstar stylist!


3.  I read a funny Buzzfeed article this week called 27 Things People In L.A. Love Talking About. Honestly, it is all pretty much true. I most certainly agree with the hiking one! So, this week I hit one of my favorite trails with my girl Stephanie. It was the perfect morning hike. I can’t lie, it’s pretty great to live in a place where I could hike, hit the beach, and hang out in the city all in one day. I love you, L.A.


4.  My awesome husband passed his the test and has officially joined the ranks as a VIP Tour Guide! He gave his first two VIP tours this week. His guests had a great time, and I know he did too. I am super proud! 🙂

5.  We finished binge-watching Parks and Recreation this week. I am happy and sad at the same time. Seriously, what a great show. I can’t wait to watch the final season when it starts airing this fall. Also, I am officially obsessed with Amy Poehler. She and Tina Fey are two of my heroes… I am fairly certain I will watch, read, devour anything they put out into the world. I’m also feeling a little inspired… I might just have to be brave and try out an improv class. 😉

photo (4)

Have a great weekend, y’all! I hope your summer is starting off right!