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Speaks To Me Sunday #80

9 Jul

Totally guilty of trying to solve my life. I constant find myself wanting to cross EVERYTHING off of my To-Do List in one day. 

But if I cross it all off… what’s left to do? What life is there left to live? I don’t have to solve every problem and conquer every obstacle right this very minute. I don’t have to have everything planned out and perfectly pieced together.

What if I could stop looking at my life as something to solve and instead view it as a pile (an organized one 😉) of wonderful and good things. What if I cared for and nurtured those good things? What if my life grew into something beautiful? 

I love a good To-Do list as much as the next Type-A girl. But even I have to admit that a Christmas-Morning-like pile of all the wonderful things in my life is so much more fulfilling than a crumpled up list of crossed off (or ya know… rewritten again and again) problems and worries.

So, one at a time. I want to build my pile of good things. Now I just have to decide what will I add to the pile first. 

Speaks To Me Sunday #74

15 Jan

Gratitude means letting go of what you thought you should have so that you can celebrate all you do have. 

I feel blessed to have so much to be thankful for! Sometimes I get caught up in “future thinking” and wishing I had more. But if I am honest, I have enough. And choosing to be grateful for what I have makes it mean infintely more.

2017 will officially be my year of gratitude. I want to focus my heart and mind on being thankful for all God has given me… for my family, friends, cats, community, health, home, belongings, jobs, dreams, experiences, opportunities, and all the other special things that make up my life.  I have so much more than enough!  So I will practice gratitude. And I do think it is a practice – sometimes it will take a little effort. Ultimately, I believe it will make me more positive and productive, less anxious, a better friend, and a happier person. 

Cheers to a grateful heart in 2017! What are you practicing this year?!

Speaks To Me Sunday #69

6 Nov

That is something we can all be thankful for! 

My dreams are ever-changing. Constantly expanding and shifting as my experiences and desires affect my heart. It’s so exciting to look back on where I have been and the dreams that have brought me to where I am.

I am finding myself in another state of growing, changing, living where I am setting new goals and dreams. It can be scary, but honestly, I am mostly feeling  excited.

I plan to never forget how to pursue something new and thrilling. This is what makes life worth living. 

Speaks To Me Sunday #44

20 Mar

Lately it seems like there have been a lot of things to be stressed about. Dwelling on it makes me feel like im drowning in anxiety. And I am someone who is prone to worry as it is. 

The best salve I have found is gratitude. If I can stop and choose to look at all the things I’m grateful for, every person who helped when things got tough, every lesson learned from hardship… It makes every day that much brighter, that much easier. 

I have been overwhelmed by gratitude these last couple of days. And it truly has interrupted my anxiety. It’s amazing what a change of perspective can do. 

Give it a shot! What are you grateful for? 

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Speaks To Me Sunday #30

29 Nov

It’s so much easier to feel happy and grateful when you are actively thinking about what you are thankful for. I love Thanksgiving because it is a perfect reminder to focus on gratitude. Every year I wonder why should it stop there… At a day or a weekend? Why shouldn’t we fix our minds and hearts on all the wonderful things we have every day of the year? When I really stop and think about it… Man, I have so much to be thankful for. I feel like I truly do have it all. That change in perspective is everything. 

What are you grateful for? Shout it out! 

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Speaks To Me Sunday #27

1 Nov

Normally I am sad to see October go, but this year I am choosing to focus on gratitude for the month of November. That means there is no time to waste being sad! 😉 

There is so much to be thankful for! I am a healthy woman with a wonderful family. I have never had to go without. I have food in my fridge and warm water for my shower. I have a job and money in my bank account. I have a dream that I have never felt like I had to give up. 

There are so many things – big and small – to feel gratitude for. It’s too easy to take it for granted. I hope focusing on gratitude brings on a multitude of miracles for you and for me! 

What are you grateful for?! 

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Favorite Five Friday (93rd Edition)

5 Dec

Hey y’all! So, I missed last week. With work and Thanksgiving festivities, it didn’t even cross my mind until Friday had come and gone. So here’s the scoop on the last two weeks…


1. Thanksgiving! I wish there was more than one day each year dedicated to reminding us of all we have to be thankful for. Trying to keep an attitude of gratitude all year long will change your life! I am working to live that. It is not always easy and I mess up. But man, I am a lot happier when I remember to be thankful. This Thanksgiving I was particularly thankful for holiday pay at work, having the money to get a new tire after I put a hole in mine while driving around Los Angeles, a helpful and understanding husband, and friends who made me food and invited me into their home to celebrate.


2.  Last week I wrote a letter to my 16 Year Old self. How I wish she could have read it! I am grateful for all of the experiences – good and bad – that have made me who I am today, but I sure wish I could have whispered a few secrets and a little love into her ear. Writing the letter now gave me a sense of catharsis, and who knows… maybe it will speak a little love to someone else who needs it.

3.  I love traditions. I really love Christmas traditions! After Thanksgiving (thank you very much) we went and picked our tree! I grew up with a fake tree, but Dan grew up with real trees. So, we have made it our tradition to search for a lovely tree each year. (I can’t believe this is our 5th Christmas as a married couple!) This year I felt particularly drawn to some adorable, itty-bitty trees. I don’t think I have ever had a tree that was shorter than me, but that’s what I wanted this year! We found a cute little one and brought her home. Then we decorate! (Okay, like the next day we decorate.) We always watch The Muppet Christmas Carol while we Christmatize our house. I can’t imagine how many times we have both seen that movie. We sing along to the songs and say our favorite lines. It’s super dorky, but super fun. Dan always puts the lights on – it’s just a guy thing in my family. Then we each put up our favorite ornaments. We’ve collected quite a few over the years. My family loves ornaments! Dan and I try to get new ones when we travel or go on adventures together. Every time I unwrap an ornament it’s like unwrapping a memory. This seriously is the most wonderful time of the year.

Picking out our baby tree. (I am Groot)

Picking out our baby tree. 

IMG_4101 IMG_4104 FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (2) FullSizeRender (4)

4.  Choosing to be an actor means choosing a crazy life. It’s just one of those things! I’ve realized lately that I have a very strange acting pattern here in L.A. I seem to audition in waves. I will have 9 auditions in a week and then nothing for the next few. It has been happening like that for several months now. I’m not sure what that’s about, but I have learned to be prepared for the unexpected. I think it has made things so much easier by just accepting that anything can happen and I will meet it when it does. I will choose to work hard and be as ready as I can be. I want to make sure I am giving my best at every audition, interview, and meeting. This week was a week of many auditions, and it felt so good to get out there. I’m already looking forward to catching my next wave. So, here is to being ready and being your best.


5.  My dear friend and awesome mentor, Alison, came to Universal to do a seminar with the Tour Guides this week. Oh my word. It was such an amazing night. I just feel so proud of the talented, brave people who I work with AND so blessed to have Alison and her brand of magic at work in my life. It was really special to get to bring these two worlds together, and I am just feeling really thankful for all the good in my life.

Thanks for being awesome.

Happy Friday!

Favorite Five Friday (92nd Edition)

21 Nov

It has been a pleasantly uneventful week! Short, simple, and sweet…


1.  Ever since I stopped biting my nails (THREE years ago!), I have had a thing for nail polish. I was never able to wear it before because I would just ruin it. I love going to get my nails done, but that’s not always an option. I am trying to get better at just painting my own nails instead. I love my latest color – “Smokin’ Hot” by Essie. It goes perfectly with all my Fall wear.


2.  My friends and I had a genuine Girl’s Night this week, and it was fabulous! It was definitely one of the highlights of my week – just getting to hang out and relax with my girlfriends. I need more of this in my life.

3.  Speaking of relaxing… I have been doing a LOT of that this week. I’ve had a few days off in a row, and it was exactly what I needed. I got to catch up things like cleaning and grocery shopping, but I also got to snuggle up to watch my favorite shows and sit in bed for hours reading Harry Potter (I am cruising through Goblet of Fire right now). It’s been pretty perfect. Sometimes doing nothing is everything.

4.  Today we got to take some Christmas photos! (YAY!!!) Lovely Leah took what I’m sure are going to be adorable pictures of Dan and I today so we can send out Christmas cards. We have never sent out Christmas cards, but I’ve always wanted to! I’m so excited to put them together so people can open up cards with our faces on them. (You’re excited, right?)

5.  It’s time for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1!! That’s a mouthful, eh? We had date night with Mark and Caroline in the Prime theatre. I love kicking up my feet and sitting back in comfy seats to watch a big blockbuster. We really enjoyed the film!


And that’s all she wrote!

HAPPY FRIDAY, Y’ALL! I hope your week is full of all the things you are most THANKFUL for.